TV Series – FRINGE: Season 3










As stated on Season One, J.J. Abrams is the Mastermind behind the creation of the Science-Fiction Masterpiece of Fringe.  Fringe is the name given by the FBI to the Team that investigates unusual happenings that develops on the supernatural world that was created by the crazy scientist of Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble).  Now we have learned that Dr. Bishop’s son Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) is not the real son of Dr. Bishop, but the son of “Walternate” as they call the character of Dr. Bishop on the Parallel Universe.  That our Dr. Walter Bishop stole “Walternate’s” son to substitute his own Peter, who died on our World.  Dr. Bishop made the substitution to alleviate the suffering of his wife when she would learn the death of her only son Peter.  On the Parallel Universe “Walternate” is the Secretary of Defense who plans to recover his Peter at the same time that he destroys the Prime Universe (Ours).  The Third Season is made up of 22 episodes with the even numbers comprising Our World while the odd numbers covers the Parallel Universe.  Peter Bishop is the only  character that doesn’t have a double on the Parallel Universe (for obvious reasons) but is the person that “Walternate,” his real father, wants to use to destroy Our Universe.  However, Peter fights to achieve that the two Universes will coexist instead of destroying each other.  As stated by Andrew Hanson of the L A “Fringe continues its hot streak known as Season 3.  It’s been firing on all cylinders all season.”

TV Series – The History Channel: The Race To The Moon










This is a Documentary prepared by the History Channel that covers those years after the Sputnik and Yury Gagarin, the Russian that became the first man on Space during the sixties.  It captures the amazing Space Race between the Russians and the Americans that started with the Sputnik and ended with the first man on the Moon on July 20, 1969 when American Astronaut Neil Armstrong took “man’s first steps on the Moon.  It was President John F. Kennedy the person that gave all of us the hope that all was not lost when the Russians started the Space Race.  That Americans will go to the Moon at the end of the Sixties, before the Russians were able to do it.  Unfortunately he was not alive when the Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.  The Documentary covers all the steps since John Glenn became the first American in Orbit to the first Moon landing.  The unexpected disaster of Apollo 13 that almost left its Astronauts lost in Space forever.  Also covers the development of the Space Shuttles, the disaster of the Challenger and the future concept of the Shuttles, the X-33.  It constitutes an interesting historic Collection Item that comprises the details of the Race to the Moon!

TV Series – The Closer: Season 2

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Starring Kyra Sedgwick (Golden Globe Winner and Emmy Nominee).  She plays the Character of Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a position always held before by a Male Person.  She came from a transfer from Atlanta, Georgia and brought with her the Southern Accent to the Priority Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Her expertise is a special interrogation skill that matches a criminal lie with one of her own with the ultimate goal of obtaining a confession.  This second season she has established her leadership and dexterity in obtaining confessions from criminals in order to solve sensitive, high profile murder cases with an all male staff that on season one thought that Brenda by being a female was not fit to lead the position of Deputy Police Chief.  She continues to solve difficult murder cases.  Her relationship with FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney) grows to the point that he becomes her boyfriend.  Later on they both decide to live together.  This relationship becomes a problem when her mother announces a surprise visit to Brenda’s home since she doesn’t want her mother to find out that she is living with Fritz.  However, when her mother learns about the relationship, she gives Brenda her approval.  This Warner Crime-Series becomes a hit that will keep you wondering what will come next!

TV Series – Everwood: Season 2


As you learned from Season 1, Everwood is a Family Series very well done with very good Actors at its Principal Characters.  Now Dr. Andrew Brown (Treat Williams) has adapted himself from being a famous First Class Neurosurgeon from New York to a Small Mountain Town common Doctor.  He continues to adapt himself as a father with his two children, Delia (Vivien Cardone) a remarkable 10 year old daughter and Ephram (Gregory Smith) a troubled 16 year old son, who is having problems adapting himself to deal with his father instead of his mother, as he was used to do in New York, until she was killed on a car accident.  Dr. Brown gets related with the other Town Doctor, Dr. Harold Abbott (Tom Amandes) and his children Amy Abbott (Emily Van Camp) and Bright Abbott (Chris Pratt).  Also gets acquainted with Dr. Abbott’s mother Edna Harper (Debra Mooney) that becomes his Secretary of his Practice and her husband Irv Harper (John Beasley). Also with his neighbor Nina Feeney (Stephanie Niznik) that helps him to understand his two children Delia and Ephram.  Dr. Brown hires Madison Kelner (Sarah Lancaster) as a caretaker for his 10 year old Delia with the objections of his brother Ephram.  To complicate things, Dr. Abbott’s sister Linda, also a Doctor, appears and starts her Practice with her brother Harold and Dr. Andy Brown.  Soon it became known that Dr. Linda Abbott is HIV Positive and Everwood citizens stop visiting the Abbott’s Medical Office. The revelation makes Linda to leave Everwood and his brother Harold looses his malpractice insurance.  Dr. Andy Brown takes over the whole Medical Practice that permits Dr. Harold Abbott to continue his Practice under Dr. Andy Brown.  To complicate things more Ephram gets in love with Madison, the caretaker of Delia, which happens to be more older than Ephram.  The Detroit News called Everwood “the best family drama in years.”

TV Series – Damages: Season 3


Damages continues to be a Drama of Legal Litigations developing on the Manhattan Area of New York.  On Season 3, Patty Hewes (Glen Close) continues to show her establishment as a Litigator with the latest victory over the Big Corporation that tried to hide its involvement on an Environmental Scandal that it tried to cover up hand in hand with Government.  This time Patty gets involved with the manipulation of the Tobin Family Empire that tries to hide the product of their wrongdoing Enterprise to avoid reimbursing Capital Money stolen from Customers.  The Tobin Family is composed of Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), the Matriarch Marilyn Tobin (Lily Tomlyn), her son Joe Tobin (Campbell Scott) and their loyal Attorney Leonard Winstone (Martin Short).  Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) returns to work with Patty Hewes, but this time as an undercover agent of the FBI.  Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan), Partner of Patty Hewes,  happens to be one of the victims of the Tobin Family investment Scam and loses all his Capital on the Tobin Venture,  which eventually loses his life on the hands of Joe Tobin.  Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson) is now showing a mock repentance of his wrongdoing in an effort to save the remaining Capital left after losing  his Litigation Case against Patty Hewes and at the same time trying to hide from Ellen Parsons his involvement in the death of her Fiance.  As on the first two Seasons, Damages continues to be very well written, directed and produced with First Class Actors on its principal characters that received 2010 Emmy Nominations.

TV Series – Fringe: Season 2


As stated on Season 1, J. J. Abrams is the mastermind behind the creation of Fringe.  On Season 1 we met the principal characters of the series:  FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop the “Crazy Scientist”, Peter Bishop the son of Dr. Bishop, Charlie Francis Olivia’s FBI Partner.  Now the series have added Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) Director of Massive Dynamic, the Corporation that is involved with much of the strange occurances, Astrid Farmsworth (Jasika Nicole) an FBI scientist that is assigned to keep an eye on Dr. Bishop and his performances on his Laboratory and Lance Reddick (Phillip Boyles) the FBI Supervisor in charge of Olivia and Astrid.  There is also the mysterious William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), a Brilliant Scientist and former Partner of Dr. Bishop and owner of Massive Dynamic.  On Season 2 we deal with Shape Shifters and the essence of Fringe, the crossover between Alternate Universes and the drug Cortexiphan that Dr. Bishop developed and administered to Olivia Dunham when she was a little girl.  That drug facilitates the crossover of Olivia between the two alternate universes  together with Dr. Bishop and his son Peter.  The three of them make the crossover to the Alternate Universe to try to stop them from destroying our universe. As stated by Mike Hale of the New York Times impossible things happens on this Series that brings “the most satisfying, coherent story arc of any science-fiction-flavored primetime drama.”

TV Series – Mad Men: Season 1

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Mad Men develops on the early 1960s and covers the Adventures and Stories of a group of Madison Avenue Advertising Executives.  It was an Era where alcoholic drinks at the Office level was a tradition combined with a lot of smoking.  The Surgeon General had not started yet to put warning labels on cigarettes or alcoholic beverages.  As a matter of fact, cigarettes were the best commodity to be advertised which made the Advertising Companies to fight against each other to capture the Accounts of the leading brands of the Era.  It was also the Era where Business was carried in an atmosphere of constant smoking, drinking and the consideration of women as girls who would only make coffee, service it to Account Executives, answer the phone calls for their bosses, engage in clandestine office romances with lots of adultery.  However, these activities were carried with absolute class, style and elegance and was symbolic of the Establishment of the Era.  It is on this type of “Office Etiquette” that Creator Director Don Drapper (Jon Hamm) and his wife (January Jones) establishes the “Standard” among socialites.  The series has a lot of little moments and hints that lead to character revelations that captivate viewers over and over!

Soft Music – Kenny G: Heart And Soul


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This is another of his greatest hits.  Started his professional career as a Saxophonist at the early age of 17 when performing with the Great Barry White,  It Was not until the year 1986 that he reached Stardom Fame with the release of his fourth Album “Duotones.”  He sold more than 5 million copies of it.  Kenny G developed what came to be called a “Smooth Jazz Variation” of the regular Jazz that made him famous worldwide.  Was born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick in 1956.  During his long Career he has performed with other Big-Name Stars such as Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand among others.  On this Album he selected 12 Themes.  He started with 1. “Heart And Soul,” 2.”Deja Vu,” 3. “Fall Again (Featuring Robin Thicke),” 4. “Letters From Home,”  5. “The Promise,” 6. “No Place Like Home (Featuring Baby Face),” 7. “My Devotion,” 8. “G Walkin’,” 9. “Sunrise,” 10. “One Breath,” 11. “Encore” and 12. “After Hours.”  This is another collection of beautiful music interpreted by the magical Saxophone of Kenny G on the “Smooth Jazz” rhythm.

Soft Music – Ray Conniff: Speak To Me Of Love

img20160220_14285539This is another of his greatest Album Hits produced in 1963.  He continued with the Ray Conniff Singers made up of 12 women and 13 men, the concept that made him famous worldwide.  He used to produce in a year an average of two instrumental and one vocal Albums.  He produced over 92 Albums in his prolific life.  In addition he composed around 56 Love Themes and sold around 70 million Albums worldwide.  In “Speak To Me Of Love” he performs 12 Themes which included 1. “Lover Come Back To Me,” 2. “Beyond The Sea,” 3. “Don’t Blame Me,” 4. “Speak To Me Of Love,” 5. “The Sweetest Sounds,” 6. “This Nearly Was Mine,” 7. “(When Your Heart’s On Fire) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” 8. “Love Has No Rules,” 9. “You’ll Never Walk Alone,”  10. “Under Paris Skies,” 11. “Slow Poke” and 12. “Who’s Sorry Now.”  This Album is very good to enjoy on a quiet night under the Moon and Stars next to the woman you love!


Soft Music – CARPENTERS: Close To You


As we all know, the CARPENTERS was a Sensational Duet made up by two brothers, Karen and Richard Carpenter.  Karen grew up a Natural Drum Player and possessed a Contralto Voice which was warm and very sweet.  She became the Leading Voice of the Duo while Richard came to complement as the Second Voice.  In addition Richard Carpenter was a very good Piano Player, a profound Composer and a First Class Arranger.  The Sweet Voice of Karen Carpenter became like a Symbol or Trade Mark of the Duo CARPENTERS.  They started as a Duo in 1967 until 1983, the year on which Karen died of a Heart Attack induced by anorexia.  When they started as Duo in 1967 the “Hard or Heavy Rock” was the Standard Genre at the time.  They created a “Soft Rock/American Pop” that combined with the sweet and beautiful voice of Karen Carpenter became a Sensation around the World.  This Album was recorded in 1970 and was the second released of a total of ten while Karen was alive.  It contains 12 Themes which started with 1. “We’ve Only Just Begun,” 2. “Love Is Surrender,”  3. “Maybe It’s You,” 4. “Reason To Believe,” 5. “Help,” 6. “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” 7. “Baby It’s You,” 8. “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,”  9. “Crescent Noon,” 10. “Mr. Guder,” 11. “I Kept On Loving You” and 12. “Another Song.”  The Mere existence of these 10 Albums plus others containing unpublished beautiful songs previously recorded, is a unique treasure left to us to enjoy and remember the sweet, beautiful and talented voice of Karen Carpenter.

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